Revit 2014 – New Features

Revit 2014 - New Features

Revit 2014 is out for download now ! A shortlist of the most important enhancements and new features listed below.

More detailed information can be found on

You can download Revit 2014 using next link (trial):


  • Enhanced Autodesk Exchange
  • Dockable window framework – Dock dialogs in a single window
  • Stair and railing enhancements – location line, model, edit and documentation
  • Air terminal on ducts – new tool can place air terminals on duct faces
  • Angle constraints for pipe, duct and cable trays – Mechanical Settings enhancement
  • Cap open ends – New tool to cap open ends of pipe or duct
  • Plumbing Template – New Plumbing Default Template
  • Rebar placement constraints – Edit constraints
  • Reinforcement enhancements – Reinforcement rounding
  • Embed CSV data into families – New tool in the family types dialog to manage lookup tables
  • Temporary view templates – New tool on the view control bar
  • Point cloud improvements – improved appearance and control
  • Parameter variance for groups – New tool on the parameter properties dialog box
  • Enhanced API – our Development teams favs: View Filter control and Real worksharing support


  • Non Rectangular crop regions! –  New tool on the Callout tool to sketch with new edit options similar to edit profile on a wall to reset.
  • Split Elevations – Similar to split sections
  • Alternate dimensions – Automatically display alternate dimension values
  • Improved rebar tagging – New tool to annotate multiple elements with single tag
  • Improved positioning of beams and braces – Geometric position option on the properties dialog
  • Enhanced schedules – greater control of schedule formatting.


  • Enhanced structural analytical model – Analytical nodes have been added to categories


  • Displaced views – Create displaced building design views (exploded views !)
  • Enhanced visualization – Improved performance
  • Rendering – Reduce project costs with cloud-based rendering.

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