Wrong display of upper wall on beam in structural plans

Making formwork drawings in Revit requires Structural Plan views with view direction set to “Up”. That makes sense…

In this article from Olivier Bayle (Village BIM, Autodesk France), we could already see some principles on how to realize those kinds of plans with Revit.

Now, in Revit 2014 some display errors came up when next operations were done in your model:

  • Beam modeled under a Wall
  • Wall was defined before the beam was modeled.
  • Surface pattern of material of the beam was set to “Solid Fill”
  • Visual Style is set to “Wireframe”

When you recognize yourselves in this case, than you risk having the upper wall not being visualized in your structural plan.

While we all are waiting for some actions of Autodesk on this case you can use next methodes to work around the problem:

  • Delete and redraw the upper wall
  • Select the wall, press “Ctrl + X” (Cut to clipboard) and use the special paste function “Paste aligned to same place”
  • Use “Visibility/Graphics Overrides” (VG) to set the transparency of the Structural Framing category.

Next video from Olivier Bayle (Autodesk), shows you – in French 🙂 – how to do this.
(Merci Olivier, génial !)

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