Making openings in custom curtain panels

Until now, Revit allows us to edit the profile of a curtain wall only if the curtain panels are defined using the “System Panel” family. When you use the “Edit Profile” tool on a wall with custom defined panels you get next message:
Curtain Wall Opening 5

In the next example I show you a workaround for this:

  1. Create a Face Based Generic Model family and  make a solid that passes through the face. Optionally, you can add a material with transparency to the solid, for visibility reasons while using it in your project.
    Curtain Wall Opening 6
  2. Open an elevation or 3D view in your project where you can see the specific curtain wall.
    Curtain Wall Opening 1

  3. Go to the Architecture tab > Build panel > Component and place the family on the face of the curtain wall where you want to create the opening. (In this case we want an opening that passes through 4 panels).
    Curtain Wall Opening 2            Curtain Wall Opening 7
  4. Now we need to cut out the geometry out of the 4 panels and mullions. Go to Modify tab > Geometry panel > Cut, activate the Multiple Cut option in the options bar and select the “opening” object first, then select the panels and mullions to be cut.
    Curtain Wall Opening 3
  5. Use the Visibility/Graphics Overrides to hide the auxiliary object that makes the opening. (i.e. using Filters or Subcategories)

Curtain Wall Opening

Important notice

The opening doesn’t affect the Area parameter of the curtain panel, since this is calculated by the product of the Width and Height parameter. Though, the schedule parameter “Material: Volume” takes the shape change into account.


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