Visibility of bracings in plan views

A plan view (Structural or Floor) is somehow still a 3D representation of our Revit model. In that case it always occurs that vertical bracings are also shown on our planviews , and they “hide” the framing elements that are positioned below or they cause unclear planviews with a lot of lines…

Vertical Bracing 1A few good methods exist for avoiding this (i.e. modifying view range, using view filters, …) but I prefer the next one:

If you set the “Structural Usage” parameter of your structural bracings to “Vertical Bracing” or “Kicker Bracing”, than the element is set to the appropriate Subcategory of the “Structural Framing” category.

Now, it’s simple to use the Visibility/Graphics overrides to uncheck the subcategory in your planview… and thus hide the vertical bracings.

Vertical Bracing 2

Vertical Bracing 3



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