Practical BIM with Revit and RSA for Residential Building with Concrete Beams

It’s been a while since I got some time to write down some ideas on practical BIM in structural engineering, but now we’re back. Next week I’m presenting together with my colleague on our seminar with the subject “Concrete design with Revit and Robot Structural Analysis”. During the preparation of my data sets, I discovered a lot on how Revit and RSA both deal with concrete design, especially with the transfer of data between the two packages.

Instead of pushing the limits of both software packages with complicated concrete frame tower structures, I took a more familiar type of building: a typical (Belgian) masonry building, with large window openings. So we need a lot of concrete beams in this to support the masonry of the upper stories. “Peace of cake” you would think… Though, it needs some attention too. And in fact, if you use the right settings, you get it calculated and designed in no-time… I won’t explain here how I worked out everything, you would probably get bored with a lot of technical explanations. Besides, this is a blog, not a course or training center 🙂

In a next topic, I will tell you about some of the do’s and don’ts…

Below you have already a sneak preview on the seminar topic :

Revit-RSA Roundtrip - Concrete residential


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