Clean join and hidden lines for concrete beams and columns

With Autodesk Revit 2015 the structural engineers among us yelled a “hurray” for the view property “Show hidden lines”. It helped us better to show the hidden structural elements in floors, walls, …, certainly when having structural plans looking upwards…

There might be a slight little problem stiil when we deal with concrete framing structures. Look at the pictures below. When drawing a concrete structural framing element between columns, notice that the joins between the columns and the beams are not cleaned up and thus no hidden line generation. (Yes, the structural material for all the elements is set to the same material ūüėČ )

Beam Column Joins 1

What if you would expect having views like the ones below, where the columns and beams give us a “poured-on-site” look?

Beam Column Joins 2

“Then I would use the Linework tool, to¬†embellish the drawings”, one said… Could be a solution, but let’s say, we don’t like to override line styles, and certainly don’t want to putter until we have a good structural drawing.

With the next video I would like to show you how you can become a good result, with basic modification tools. I have to admit, it looks like it’s a time-consuming job, but try it yourself and you will experience¬†that these methods can really help you to get a quick result.

Enjoy the video:


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