Generate structural families in Revit using Content Generator

In a Revit model it is very important to use the right families for the structural parts of a building. Sometimes you don’t find the appropriate content in your installed Revit libraries. Or you are struggling in creating your own families for structural columns and structural framing. Mixing content from different libraries can cause lack of consistency in the used families of your Revit model. Maybe you recognize yourself in this. An easy-to-use solution is the Content Generator tool from the Autodesk Revit Extensions 2015.

With this tool you can generate a large number of families and family types according to pre-installed databases. These databases are the same as used in Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis. It is possible to generate steel and timber beams and columns, rebar shapes, structural rebars and even structural materials with physical assets.

You can edit the base families that are used for the content generation, by adding custom parameters to them. They are stored on your local machine at the next path: C:\Program Files\Common Files\Autodesk Shared\Extensions 2015\Data\Families.

In the video below you can see some examples of structural families that are created with the Content Generator tool.

You can download the Revit Extensions on your Subscription Center account.


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