Dynam(o)ite your Design for Engineers – part 4

Meanwhile in the land of “Dynam(o)ite your Design”, the engineer is preparing his optimization scripts (as told in part 3). I guess we better leave him a bit alone with his thoughts on genetic algorithms, looping nodes, … The target persona in this post today is the structural designer (aka ‘technician’, aka ‘drafter’, …). This person has been introduced in the world of Dynamo as well, and looks if he can use it for structural design.

Me: “Of course this is possible. Let me think…what about automating the time consuming tasks in Revit, like generating repetitive structural elements, grids, section views…”

In this episode we will see how the structural designer leads in his company by using Autodesk Dynamo with Autodesk Revit for the automation of structural trusses between two arbitrary walls at a given center distance and truss height. The grids and elevation sections are generated in an intelligent way as well.

Hope to see you again in a next episode of “Dynam(o)ite your Design”, where the engineer and structural designer will seem to work together in order to get that complex project worked out…

The dataset can be downloaded here.

8 thoughts on “Dynam(o)ite your Design for Engineers – part 4

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  3. Dear Dieter

    Can I have access to the dynamo files, please. I can not open the link you have provided before.


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