Robot Structural Analysis – Learning resources

This weekend I bumped on some interesting learning resources that are published on the world wide web. Hidden underneath some virtual dust maybe, or just not discovered yet, or maybe even popular in some regions of the world…


Anyway, I want to share with you these resources, as I am convinced that they might help you in learning and understanding Robot Structural Analysis better. Please, feel free to sent me more suggestions if you want, and I can append them to the list of this post.

  • Nuno Teixeira (@nhteixeira) shows nice video instructions with clear theoretical engineering background explanations on his YouTube channel.
  • I can also suggest you to have a look in the free iBooks of Tomasz Fudala (our Technical Marketing Manager for Structural Engineering at Autodesk).
  • There is the new “Build your Robot Structural Analysis IQ” video series that give you Tips & Tricks in the use of RSA. Find them on this YouTube channel.
  • The Autodesk forum is very active on Robot Structural Analysis. Worthwhile looking if your questions hasn’t been solved yet there.
  • At Autodesk University there have been a lot of classes on RSA. Click this link to get an overview of the classes and watch them at your own pace.
  • We also have our SimHub at Autodesk where you can find official resources.
  • Another site collecting resources is Robot Vault. There you will find references to books, videos, … This inspired me in fact to make this small list on my blog.
  • Finally there is our own Knowledge Base for RSA: see this link.

(keep an eye on this post, as it will be updated regularly)


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