Dynam(o)ite Your Design goes … D-I-S-C-O

For a while I was looking how to get images from each design stage with Dynamo and Revit. The images help you visualize each change you make with iterative operations. And if you glue them to each other, you can even get motion pictures. This does me remind of my childhood, where we used small flipbooks, made small sequential drawings on it, and then flipped the pages to watch a small “animated movie”… ***musing***

Well, when “finally” the package “Dynanimator” from Havard Vasshaug, Julien Benoit, Andreas Dieckmann and Ian Siegel got released, I immediately started trying it out on my projects. And I must admit, it is a really cool package. You can look at your design with a whole different perspective now (for more information I refer to this link)

Now, this package inspired me to make a animated picture of the Armadillo Roof with flashing panels. Like bringing the disco to the train station platform… Imagine that.. You can watch the result below:

You can try this out yourself and download the Revit family and Dynamo project by clicking this link.

Some changes you need to make yourself in the Dynamo script:

  1. Select the face where you want to generate the Adaptive Panel families on.
  2. Choose the right family types in the appropriate nodes. In my case the first family type is Adaptive Panel: solid and the secondary ones: Adaptive Panel: glass.
  3. Select the right path in the Browse Path node.

Enjoy the D-I-S-C-O party !


2 thoughts on “Dynam(o)ite Your Design goes … D-I-S-C-O

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