Dynam(o)ite Your Design to fabrication

You might have noticed that I’m reusing our Armadillo roof from the Millennium Railway project in as much Dynamo cases as possible. This time I was wondering how the roof panels can be easily put on a sheet for production by CNC machines. Well, a great Dynamo package by my colleague Michael Kirschner, called Dynamo Unfold helped me to achieve this. It’s a really easy to use package that “unfolds” your curved surface. Either by tesselating them, either by generating flat surfaces as a discretized way to get your curved shape. In fact, that’s the way we do in construction as well if the curved surface is too big for transportation or installation (like the Armadillo roof of 100×40 m).

It worked great on this project, I only needed to flip the normals of the surfaces before I “unfolded” them. To get these unfolded objects in Revit, I converted them to adaptive panels, so I could add a value for the “Mark” parameter to use within the assembling of the roof. See below for the results.

Fabrication of panels in Dynamo Fabrication of panels in Revit

Now I only need to find a CNC machine…:-)

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