Autodesk University 2015 – Accepted Classes

After a long time of waiting, nail biting and fingercrossing, yesterday the redeeming message of AU came in my mailbox. All three of my class proposals got accepted. Which feels awesome !

Classes are not scheduled yet, but I can tell you already in which sessions you can find me and where we will talk a lot about the Dynamo awesomeness. I hope to see you readers over there in one of the classes. It will light some dynamite definitely (as a way of speaking of course). Below the classes that are accepted. More information with registration will follow in this message.

Class ID: MSF11845
Class Title: Dynam(o)ite Your Design from Concept to Fabrication
Class Type: Instructional Demo
Here you will see fancy stuff on how to involve Dynamo for fabrication purposes in Revit.


Class ID: ES9542
Class Title: Dynam(o)ite Your Design for Engineers
Class Type: Instructional Demo
Of course, Dynamo for structural engineering can not be missing here. We will see more in depth on the optimization algorithms for complex frame structures with Revit and Robot Structural Analysis.

Class ID: ES9599
Class Title: Involve analysis from pre-design till documentation phase in your BIM process
Class Type: Instructional Demo
Yep, I also did a proposal without Dynamo (8-|). In here I will show you great stuff with our analysis tools (cloud, desktop,…). For sure this is worthwhile a visit, even if you are not an analysis geek 🙂

Hope to see you in Vegas !



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