Dynam(o)ite Your Design for Bridges – Part 2 : Continuous Truss Girder Bridge

I would like to share with you a project I will work on more in depth later on this work year.

It concerns a continuous steel truss girder bridge. In many cases the bridge engineers need to take assumptions before they start building up their analysis models. With the next video I want to show you how this can be anticipated by using Autodesk Dynamo Studio and Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis. With this combination you can (again) explore multiple design options of your analysis models.

This script should be more elaborated as we want to go further into the domain of structural optimization and steel modelling with Autodesk Revit. But that will be something for the sequels on this topic.

You can download the script used in the video below, by clicking this link.
Be sure that you install the “Structural Analysis for Dynamo” package first before using it.




2 thoughts on “Dynam(o)ite Your Design for Bridges – Part 2 : Continuous Truss Girder Bridge

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    From a few engineers I’ve been told that Robot isn’t quite there for most of what they do in the US (composite for one). But this is interesting to see how to leverage our computing power at the desk to making design exploration easy. Too often I think we rely on making a “best effort” at coming up with designs without time or tools to explore options. This kind of exploration will hopefully allow us to optimize designs to use less material or come up with novel solutions to problems. But again, I’m just guessing 😉

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