Animated effects of time dependant harmonic loads on a building

Today, I had a very deep dive into Robot Structural Analysis, when teaching the Northern European channel partners. At a certain moment David Truyens from Datech Belgium came up with a funny video of one guy trashing his washing machine by putting bricks in it. In fact the brick causes a heavy unbalance of the machine, with disastrous consequences. Have a look at it yourself on this link. Notice the wooden pallet that supports the machine.

So I started thinking how this would look like on a building structure, supporting this washing machine, or something simular poking the floors of the building. I ended up building up a Time History Analysis in Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis.

The video below shows you the steps to take in order to make an animated result of the effect of a time dependant, harmonic load on the structure. The simulation is done by applying a horizontal force with a sine function over a defined time period for a frequency of 3Hz and analogue a vertical force applied with a cosine function.

Tip: While watching the last 20 seconds of the video you could listen to some music like the “Harlem shake”.







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