Dynam(o)ite Your Design for Engineers @ AU 2015

Throughout this year I have been introducing carefully computational design with Dynamo in the world of the structural engineer. This by publishing posts on how to build up complex analysis models in Robot Structural Analysis and by reaching out to structural optimization techniques.
ES9542 - Dynam(o)ite Your Design for Engineers
In one of my classes at Autodesk University 2015, I teached some of you how to actually apply these structural optimization techniques in Dynamo and Robot Structural Analysis. Although I find this a very advanced and heavy topic, still there was a great turnout at this class, which made me really happy !

Now the year is almost over, and it’s time for you to get up and running with these techniques. As promised I would share anything about this on this blog. Now is the time. You can find a full written step-by-step handout, the presentation and lots of datasets online now. Besides that, the class is recorded. So those who couldn’t make it to Las Vegas, watch the recording and learn about Dynamo and Optimo at your won pace.

Here’s the link to the class materials : 
 ES9542 – Dynam(o)ite Your Design for Engineers

2 thoughts on “Dynam(o)ite Your Design for Engineers @ AU 2015

  1. Hi Dieter,

    Thank you for this awesome lecture: very complete and thorough !
    Driving RSA through Dynamo (coupled or not with GA) gives many interesting possibilities and I believe will change structural engineering design workflow.

    But before seeing this put in practice, some questions still exist. For example:
    1) How can one create sections and supports in Dynamo ? I would like for example be able to generate concrete section in Dynamo (box or whatever) and be able to iterate on section thickness/geometry for optimization purposes. As far as I understand, for now it is only possible to call out pre-defined sections from Section Catalogue.
    2) I find the connection Dynamo-RSA rather sensitive. Dynamo does not always detect the RSA engine. Sometimes if I change the parameters in Dynamo, RSA model doesn’t discard old model but simply adds the newly defined geometry. Is there a command to reinitialize the model ?(like erase everything and re-start from scratch including numbering of nodes?). If I do this manually in RSA before executing Dynamo it doesn’t always work smoothly : sometimes nodes aren’t visible, nore their corresponding reaction forces, though they exist in the tables (for the nodes part) and calculation is done. More generally: how can one ensure a stable and robust workflow between RSA and Dynamo ?

    Thank you very much for sharing your Dynamo experience with the community !

    Teodor Dobrinescu
    Structural Engineer
    Paris, France

    • Hi Teodor,

      Thanks for the feedback. Appreciate it.

      1. At this moment it is only possible to load Sections from an active database, or by first defining all you sections (even concrete) in your project and then iterate through them. I would advise to first create all your concrete sections in RSA (and use the Label Manager to manage them and copy them to other projects if you like) and then you can call them from within Dynamo.
      2. Dynamo-RSA is an “outside” connection. If you make small modifications in your script, like changing values, then you don’t need to make a new connection with RSA. But once you change severe geometric things, then you need to restart the connection. With React Structures and Dynamo this much more improved as Dynamo has an “inside” connection with React Structures. This makes it possible to just start a new project (or return to your initial model) and then rerun your script. Also in optimization routines you will see a big improvement in speed.

      Keep an eye on the blog for more in the next few months 😉 !

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