Rebar productivity tools for Revit with Dynamo

I finally started to gather all the custom nodes I have been creating for the creation of rebar objects in Revit using Dynamo. Besides using the Dynamo for Rebar package from CORE Studio, I also created some small productivity tools that can help you driving your rebar design. The package for Dynamo that has been published is called BIM4Struc.Rebar.

At this moment it consists of a limited number of custom nodes, but there will be added more and more, as AU gets nearer.

The ones that exist now in the package as a starter:


Rebar.GetHost returns the Revit ID of the host that contains the rebar object. In case that the rebar is not hosted, then it will be returned in the NonHostedRebar.

Rebar.GetCenterlineCurve is a node that returns the sketch geometry of a rebar, which is in fact the centerline. This is very handy when distributing existing complex rebars along 3D curves (using the Dynamo for Rebar package again).

Rebar.GetProperties is a node that extracts all necessary rebar properties from a selected rebar in Revit. These properties can be used in combination with the Dynamo for Rebar creation nodes to copy existing rebar for instance.

This helped me to make a quite short script to build the rebar in this double curved deck.

2016-06-17_12-13-27 2016-06-17_12-15-46 2016-06-17_12-18-10

There will be explained more on this in future blog posts !

See keep an eye on it !


2 thoughts on “Rebar productivity tools for Revit with Dynamo

  1. Hello

    Congratulation, it’s extremely good looking. I’m pretty sure it will be very usefull for infrastructures design. There is an obvious lake of representation of infrastructures in BIM software. Thanks to you.
    But, do you know if there is any rebar schedule more like what we do in Europe (by Europe I mean France… I only know how we do in France)… In revit, we can only use a picture for rebar sheme with letter for length (stop me if I’m wrong), and we assign length (or angles) to theses letters… I’m used to directly put in the shemes, length and angles.
    I will be happy to read your future post.

    You’ve made a great work.

    LAURENT Romain

  2. Hello,

    I have been working with the the rebar tool in Revit alot lately and i had an idea for a dynamo script but i dont whether it can be done. One of the things with the rebar tool it has no checks to tell you if a bar has been tagged or not.

    So my question is, is there a way that i could make a script that would tell me what bars have not been tagged ?


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