Join us and learn at Autodesk University 2016

Today the registration of Autodesk University 2016 opened up officially ! This year, AU is organized at The Venetian in Las Vegas, November 15-17, 2016. You can now sign up for AU 2016 and register for these classes below via this link.

This is the perfect time to share you some more details about the two classes I’m going to teach at #AU2016 !

ES15357 – Dynam(o)ite Your Rebar Design
Tuesday, Nov 15, 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM

In this class I will teach show you the value of Dynamo in the design of reinforced concrete models. You will learn to create complex rebar models in no time. And I will introduce you to the BIM4Struc.Rebar package. To tease you with some imagery:
Revit - Computational Rebar Distribution

CS21553 – Construction Dynam(o)ite—Explode Productivity with Dynamo
Wednesday, Nov 16, 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM

Another discipline which is very interesting and where Dynamo could help explode your productivity is “Construction”. In this class I will show all kinds of examples from basic to advanced workflows for construction validation. From model checking to optimization of crane positioning on site…
Lift Range Capacity - 09

The only advice I can give to you now is: go for it and register for these classes !

Or in case you’re not sure if you can go, at least put them in your favorites:


Watch the full list of classes being teached at AU 2016 over here.

Looking forward to meet you in one or all of my classes !



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