Automated Rebar Designs with Dynamo Player

Since the latest update of Revit to version 2018.1, Dynamo Player, which is the powerful scripting tool that installs with Revit, is now even more valuable as a way to automate tasks. You can now adapt Dynamo scripts to better-fit your needs by requesting user input before use. Providing user input directly in the Dynamo Player interface lets customers make project-specific adjustments to scripts without having to know how to use Dynamo.

Applying these improvements in the area of rebar designs in Revit, expanded my imagination and inspiration instantly. And the originally created scripts for the automation of rebar design (such as area reinforcement or complex path reinforcement) are now modified to fit within the new Dynamo Player UI. (As usual, these scripts can be found at the bottom of the post.)

How to setup your script for Dynamo Player

Before seeing the scripts in action, first a few notes:

  • Make sure you have installed Revit 2018.1 (obviously). This will automatically update Dynamo to version
  • To make your scripts user-friendly in the Dynamo Player, it is advised to rename the input nodes. This can be done simply by double-clicking on the node header and give it the title you want.
  • Secondly, if you have input nodes which you don’t want to see in the Dynamo Player, you can simply hide them by unchecking the tick mark next to the “Is Input” property. This property can be found in the contextual menu of each node (right-click on the node to access it.)
  • To get the scripts visible in the Dynamo Player list, you need to copy them in the assigned Dynamo Player search folder. This can be changed with the typical folder icons on the Dynamo Player interface.

How does it work in practice?

Now let’s have a look how beneficial Dynamo Player is for the automation of rebar designs. The playlist below shows a few examples. Enjoy watching !


The scripts that are used in the videos above can be downloaded via this link.
Important notice: the scripts need the package BIM4Struc.Rebar to be able to execute the specific commands. Make sure you install the latest version of it in Dynamo.


7 thoughts on “Automated Rebar Designs with Dynamo Player

  1. It’s so great to be able to get your scripts, thank you for them!

    But I do have a little problem. The area reinforcement doesn’t work for me. My maximum spacing is always the same -> 300mm (although I change it in Dynamo) and my minor rebar is always the same diameter as my major rebar. I tried everything to fix it but it doesn’t work. What do I need to do?

    • I found a solution to my problem. I will write the solution here for other (European) people with the same problem:
      In the AreaReinforcement.CreateFromHost custom node is a code block, which transforms the mms to feet. If you work with mms, you’ll need to delete this code block (right mouse click on AreaReinforcement.CreateFromHost -> Edit custom node… -> connect the input node directly to the ListCreate without the code block inbetween.

      Maybe this is obvious, but I just started out with Dynamo 🙂

      • I just want to make you aware that there is new package available for all of these design automation tasks. It is called “Structural Design” authored by Tomasz Fudala. Please continue with that new package. Soon, I will post about it and provide you with new ideas and workflows. BIM4Struc.Rebar will be soon retiring.

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