Construction Dynam(o)ite at AU 2016

Autodesk University 2016 is already gone again for a few weeks now, and most of us digested all the information. There was a lot of Dynamo awesomeness again this year: 40 sessions dedicated to this great piece of software. That’s a record.

One of the classes I have hosted over there, was about the usage of Dynamo in the construction industry: “CS21553 – Construction Dynam(o)ite-Explode Productivity with Dynamo“. In that class I presented two specific use cases:

Live Design Clash Verification

In this first part, I showed how to make a live link between Revit and Navisworks with Dynamo and improve clash free designs upfront the BIM process. You could learn how to get feedback from Navisworks in Revit by means of clash indicators and isolated clash views, as showed in the picture below.

Crane Positioning Optimization

The second use case that I presented was all about the analysis of the position of a crane on site. I got inspired initially by Jesper Wallaert from MT Hojgaard in Denmark. You could learn how to perform your own site planning diagnostics on a structure by checking the range capacity of a tower crane. But it went further than that. Through “Parametric Run” techniques and “Genetic Optimization” we arrived at the point where Dynamo and Project Fractal decided where the ideal position of the tower crane would be.

The movies that are used in the class can be viewed now in this YouTube playlist.

Datasets and handout

Don’t worry, it’s not too late for you to learn more about all of this. The recording, datasets, handout and presentation of the class are now available here. So go ahead, and browse the AU Online Class Library !


Join us and learn at Autodesk University 2016

Today the registration of Autodesk University 2016 opened up officially ! This year, AU is organized at The Venetian in Las Vegas, November 15-17, 2016. You can now sign up for AU 2016 and register for these classes below via this link.

This is the perfect time to share you some more details about the two classes I’m going to teach at #AU2016 !

ES15357 – Dynam(o)ite Your Rebar Design
Tuesday, Nov 15, 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM

In this class I will teach show you the value of Dynamo in the design of reinforced concrete models. You will learn to create complex rebar models in no time. And I will introduce you to the BIM4Struc.Rebar package. To tease you with some imagery:
Revit - Computational Rebar Distribution

CS21553 – Construction Dynam(o)ite—Explode Productivity with Dynamo
Wednesday, Nov 16, 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM

Another discipline which is very interesting and where Dynamo could help explode your productivity is “Construction”. In this class I will show all kinds of examples from basic to advanced workflows for construction validation. From model checking to optimization of crane positioning on site…
Lift Range Capacity - 09

The only advice I can give to you now is: go for it and register for these classes !

Or in case you’re not sure if you can go, at least put them in your favorites:


Watch the full list of classes being teached at AU 2016 over here.

Looking forward to meet you in one or all of my classes !


Classes at Autodesk University 2015 are online

It’s been a more than a week already again, since Autodesk University 2015 closed with a great keynote and a big party. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. But there are also a lot who could not attend this great conference. Well, good news if you are one of them. Lots of classes got (video)recorded.


These recordings can now be found online in the AU Online class catalog. Also the 3 classes that I teached are available, including the handouts, presentations and extensive datasets.

You can find a direct link to the recording and downloads below:

MSF11845 – Dynam(o)ite Your Design from Concept to Fabrication

ES9542: Dynam(o)ite Your Design for Engineers

ES9599: Involve Analysis from Predesign Through to Documentation Phase in Your BIM Process

Dynam(o)ite Your Design for Engineers @ AU 2015

Throughout this year I have been introducing carefully computational design with Dynamo in the world of the structural engineer. This by publishing posts on how to build up complex analysis models in Robot Structural Analysis and by reaching out to structural optimization techniques.
ES9542 - Dynam(o)ite Your Design for Engineers
In one of my classes at Autodesk University 2015, I teached some of you how to actually apply these structural optimization techniques in Dynamo and Robot Structural Analysis. Although I find this a very advanced and heavy topic, still there was a great turnout at this class, which made me really happy !

Now the year is almost over, and it’s time for you to get up and running with these techniques. As promised I would share anything about this on this blog. Now is the time. You can find a full written step-by-step handout, the presentation and lots of datasets online now. Besides that, the class is recorded. So those who couldn’t make it to Las Vegas, watch the recording and learn about Dynamo and Optimo at your won pace.

 ES9542 – Dynam(o)ite Your Design for Engineers

Rebar modelling in Revit with Dynamo @ AU2015

In one of my classes at Autodesk University 2015, I presented a part about how to drive Structural Rebar in Revit, applying computational design techniques with Dynamo. The workflow I applied involved MS Excel, Revit and of course Dynamo.

I recorded a small video that illustrates this workflow:

If you want to learn this yourself, then you can rewatch the AU2015 class and download all the datasets and handout by clicking the link below:

MSF11845 – Dynam(o)ite Your Design from Concept to Fabrication

Classes at Autodesk University 2015

While time flies by, the launch of AU2015 is coming closer as well. At the moment the classes are scheduled and below I want to share you more information about the classes I will present at The Venetian in Las Vegas between 30th of November and 3rd of December 2015.

If you are interested in the topics below, then just go and register for them 🙂

MSF11845 – Dynam(o)ite Your Design from Concept to Fabrication
Monday, Nov 30, 2:45 PM – 3:45 PM  (Fabrication Forum)

ES9542 – Dynam(o)ite Your Design for Engineers
Tuesday, Dec 1, 8:00 AM – 9:30 AM

ES9599 – Involve analysis from pre-design till documentation phase in your BIM process
Thursday, Dec 3, 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM

You can also have a look at the other great classes on the list by clicking this link.

Looking forward to meet you in one or all of my classes !

You can now sign up for AU 2015 and register for these classes via this link.