Gravity Analysis for Revit 2016

Too often during a construction design process, the contractor needs to start with the execution on site of the foundations, even before the engineer has been able to decide how to calculate the upper structure in detail. In that phase of the process, engineers make use of “load takedown” analysis or “gravity” analysis.

This was made possible with applications like Autodesk Concrete Building Structures (CBS Pro) or the Load Takedown tool in the Autodesk Revit Extensions.

With the Structural Analysis Toolkit for Revit 2016, there is a new analysis type available, called Gravity Analysis. With this tool you can make use of the Revit analytical model, selfweight and imposed loads in your model, to calculate in the cloud with the Structural Analysis 360 service.

Sit back and enjoy this video showing you the ease-of-use of this brand new tool.


2 thoughts on “Gravity Analysis for Revit 2016

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